Aquarium Care

With our weekly or bi-weekly aquarium services all you do is feed the fish we do the rest!

Water chemical analysis

Removal of algae from inside surfaces

Cleaning outside surfaces of tank and stand

Vacuum of gravel bed to remove fish waste and debris

Aquascaping- The layout of the inside of the tank

Inspection and maintenance of pumps, filters, heaters and lights

Conditioners and Water treatment

Diagnosis and treatment of livestock

Flake food

We also offer aquarium relocation, non-scheduled, and 911 service calls.

For the proper care of your fish we also have available…

Filter media, pumps, heaters, filters, lights bulbs, hoses or parts for proper operations, fish and livestock, frozen, live and specialty foods as needed, plastic plants or artificial corals.

Setup and Design

Whether you want a freestanding design, one built into a wall or that special shape or size, we can:

Find the best location in your home or office

Help find the look that matches your personality

Work with builders and architects

Match wood and styles

Contract cabinetmakers, ironworkers and masons

Pick the best equipment for the job

Choose the best aquarium interior look

Work with your desired design and budget

I have installed hundreds of aquariums over the past 30 years and would love to get you one installed in your home or office.

Lobster Services

I specialize in Marineland lobster tanks, but can service all of them. I can also get you setup with a new Marineland aquarium to fit your needs.

Water Chemical Analysis

Water Changes

Removal of Algae

Clean Outside Surfaces

Vacuum Tank

Monitor Temperature and Salinity


911 Emergency Calls

None Scheduled Services

Inspection and Maintenance of… Water pump, air pump, filter, UV filter, chiller and lights

Available Products for Lobster Tanks…
Lights, UV Bulbs, Filter Media, Bulk Carbon, Filter Floss, Carbon Pillow, Salt, Air Stones, Air Pump, Water Pumps, Chiller, Filters, Hoses and Parts for Proper Operations

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